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Saigon Restaurant

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3107 Garrity Blvd., Nampa, ID 83687 208-463-9001

Cheryl - Idahoeats contributing writer

While on a recent drive in Nampa we happened upon the Saigon Restaurant at 3107 Garrity Blvd. Idahoeats patrons have warned parking is tight yet when we pulled into the lot at 11:30 a.m. it was empty. Before getting too gun shy about the lack of vehicles and diners we decided to step inside and have a look. The hostess did not speak English and could not answer questions about the menu items. The rest of the staff was busy setting out food for the buffet. Several Nampa police officers came in the door right after us, which we interpreted as favorable if the locals are visiting, so we decided to stay. Sure enough, within ten minutes the restaurant started filling up with customers.

The extensive luncheon buffet includes a soft drink and dessert. Most entrees had a label correctly identifying the contents: Spicy Chicken, Pork Fried Rice, General Tsao’s Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Broccoli and Chicken, Chop Suey; Egg Rolls, Fried Wings, and Crab Rangoon. A Beef & Mushroom dish and Barbecued Ribs were the only red meat options on the buffet. The name Saigon leads one to believe this is a Vietnamese restaurant yet it seemed focused on Chinese food. One of the most unusual items ever seen at an Asian spread was fried Tater Tots! Many of the entrees we sampled were standard fare; some spicy and some a bit plain. Neither of us cared for the Crab Rangoon which contained peach colored cream cheese and no crab flavor, and the Egg Rolls were heavy with anise or Chinese five spice. Plain white rice would have been a better suited accompaniment with all those clashing flavors from the buffet but for $6.95 it sure was a fun and inexpensive way to try over a dozen different entrees!





For dessert there were two flavors of jello cubes, almond cookies, and chewy coconut macaroons as well as fresh cantaloupe, Lychee, and almond tofu. Once again another unusual buffet item, donuts! Delicious donuts with a coating of sugar, hot out of the fryer. Guess that explains what the Nampa officers were doing there! 

In the evening the dinner buffet is a very modest $8.95. Saigon attracts families looking to dine on a bargain and hang out in 70’s decor. When traveling on Garrity Blvd, be sure to look for the crowded parking lot near the Airport Road intersection.

No online menu or web page could be found for Saigon Restaurant. Phone the restaurant if you have specific questions, 463-9001.


phone 208-463-9001
Business Hours Please Call
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