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Bella Aquila

Rated 2.9 out of 5 based on 135 reviews.
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775 S Rivershore Lane, Eagle, Idaho 83616 208-938-1900
phone 208-938-1900
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Restaurant Description:

Bella Aquila is an Italian restaurant located in , ID.

Meals Served:

  • Lunch
  • Dinner
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john b said:

simply wonderful
Great food and service. Local wines available. The patio is great. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
May 09, 2012
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Laurie said:

Outstanding food, service, elegant dining!! Loved it!!
We had never been there before, although open 3 years now. Took 4 out of town guests plus us (from Eagle) and a baby-8 people for late dinner on Tuesday. Service was excellent, the food was creative, delicious and hot. The atmosphere was casual elegant. Not a "downtown" Boise restaurant, but well done for Eagle. Looking forward to nice weather and sitting on the patio for lunch. Besides the Bardenay, this is the only other place I'd go in Eagle.
March 22, 2011
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Julien said:

Oh, I see now. Thank you Jesse your are an eye opener. I was amazed how some folks remembered all names of entrees and main dishes. As for me I never remember it only great or nasty taste. OK Bella Aq. it's time to start working on your image otherwise I'll never come to dine.
August 30, 2009
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Jesse said:

awful comment wasnt wrong
my wife and i are from philadelphia so we know what fine dining is all about. In addition we travel a lot and have eaten at the very finest establishments in places like New Orleans, Dallas, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Orlando, Naples, Baltimore, to name a few places.

and we didnt make a mistake about locations, we definitely dined at Bella Aquila in Eagle. We were aware of the place as one of our favorite servers from Brick 29 went to work at Bella.

I suspect that some owners or family of these restaurants reviewed post here to counter bad comments like mine.

Anyway, we stand by our comments. The service was terrible, 2 hrs from sitting down to getting our entree is unacceptable. and while some of the food was good much of it was literally unedible.

Maybe we caught them on a bad night but were certainly not going to waste our time again. If im going to spend $120+ on a meal then im going to expect Cottonwood grille or Chandlers quality. Instead I got Applebees or Outback quality.

Ive never had a bad meal at cottonwood grille or chandlers and if anyone wants a true fine dining experience i would recommend those places anyday over Bella Aquila.
August 26, 2009
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Tara W said:

Absolutely amazing!
First of all, the reviewers who said it is "Awful," at Bella Aquila either are talking about the wrong restaurant and got mixed up, or have no idea whatsoever what decent food even is. That said, my experience at Bella Aquila was awesome. The service is prompt, the environment serene and beautiful with a beautiful view of the Boise River, and the food is incredible. I started out with an appetizer of Suppli (perfectly crisp and bursting with flavor) and the Insalata di Spinaci (wonderful combination of goats cheese, dark lettuce, and apples--to die for!). Then I followed that up with the the entree of Cheese Tortellini Alla Vodka. It had the perfect balance of zest and rich flavor without being too rich. It was filling but also had a light and tangy essence. Then to top it all off, I had the heavenly Tira Misu. It was the perfect embodiment of moist, soft cake with dark, rich chocolate. A true delight! I would highly recommend Bella Aquila to anyone who wants a beautiful atmosphere to be in while eating and better yet great food that you will want to experience again!
August 19, 2009
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Jesse and Deanna said:

one word....awful
A little about us to begin...

My wife and I love eating out. We've tried tried just about every restaurant in the area (from caldwell to Boise and everything in between). With all of the recent closings of several fine dining establishments, we were very excited to see Bella Aquila open.

One of our favorite waiter from Brick 29 moved over to Bella and so we had heard good things. We decided tonight would be the night. Our review...

arrived at 6:30 with a reservation. We sat outside on the patio which is a must if it isnt too hot. Its lovely with a view of the Boise river, trees, and a rock waterfall garden.

we ordered drinks and starters. I got the calamari and riesling. wife got the potato crab cakes. the crab cakes were rather bland and the portion was tiny (2 cakes about half dollar size each). My calamari was okay, not spectacular but not terrible either.

we then ordered dinner. My wife got the salmon ravioli and i got the veal picatta. we also both ordered salads. unfortunately the service was terribly slow. we sat down at 6:30 and didnt get our dinner served to us until 8:15pm. almost 2 hrs is unacceptable.

my veal was very delicious. my salad though was old and bland. the lettuce was brown in some places and i could barely taste the ceasar dressing.

my wife's ravioli was just awful. it was either undercooked or overcooked badly. it was like rubber. she couldnt cut the stuff it was so stiff. she would have sent it back but it took 2 hrs just to get that. her salad was average.

for dessert we split a cheesecake. it was made with a liquor called Grand Marnier. It was very good.

Overall between the two of us we had one nice piece of veal and cheesecake. but the service was terrible and my wife's entree honestly was unedible. we wont be going back to this place and we dont recommend it to anyone
August 13, 2009
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Phil Carney said:

Scratch cooking
Celebrated birthdays this past Saturday. Service was excellent, food quality is very very good. Flavors were well balanced and tastefully combined. Veal picatta, carpaccio, pasta with spicy Italian sausage. Very nice presentations too.
Decor could use a bit of greenery around the dining room, patio is Beautiful! Hosts Bill, Ellen and Chad Cooper were all visible and engaged with all their customers.

I am surprised at the negative comments on this listing and don't understand the negative comments in regard to "X distributor" food. Where do these individuals think restaurants buy their products? Be cool people!

Enjoy a great dinner at Bella Aquila!

July 23, 2009
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Janice said:

Idaho Statesman Article
Just to add to the info here is a link to what the Statesman had to say:


Copy and paste if the link does not work :-)
July 20, 2009
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Janice said:

I am not sure where Maria, Barbara R., Roy and Italian Guy normally eat...but the food is simply fantastic! I have had very good food EVERY time I have been there....so far at least 10+ times! The food is made from scratch...I don't think those listed above even know what that means! smilies/tongue.gif

Give the place a try...it's the only way for you to really know! :-) Oh and I agree with all the other positive things that were said...remember...anyone can post here...even people who compete with other restaurants...so try it for yourself you will be glad you did!!
July 20, 2009
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Maria said:

I DID NOT LIKE IT. Not homemade food. I will never go back. Awful food
July 15, 2009
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Barbara R from Eagle said:

Waited 65 minutes for our food
Great location with awful food. The halibut was so dry, it tasted like sawdust and I dont like my fish moist. The "scoop" of ice cream on my dessert was the size of a quarter. Will I go back, NOT
July 10, 2009
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Roy from Eagle said:

Cheap food without the cheap price
Two of us ordered the fish stew which was all from a can, even the dark shreded crab, void of any pcs of fish. AWFUL TASTE, Won't be back
May 24, 2009
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Italian guy said:

sorry not Italian place.
Where's inviting warm down to earth interior colors. It looks like we walked in to sterile hospital room. For branch they offered us some pastries that you can't even cut with the knife. Salad was so old that skin on the cucumber curled, and believe me salad dressing was not Italian flavor. Lasagna according to their menu includes three meats. Sorry, I found only hamburger and sauce was overpowered with basil. Nothing looked like it was home made. Just another Cisco bandit in town.
April 23, 2009
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Nancy Haven said:

So, So...
I was the youngest person dining here at age 32! My parents enjoyed it, best for the "old school" Gamekeeper set. It was 75% empty on a Friday night-not a good sign.
April 21, 2009
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Carol Malinovski said:

Lisa is right. Sysco food. Nothing is homemade. I was disappointed. I will never go back.
April 12, 2009
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Stefan Poggio said:

The Best Scratch Restaurant in Town!!!!
Lisa seems as unsophisticated as her palate. She can't spell "expensive" and everything down to the last detail is from scratch. Go sell crazy someplace else. This is the best place in the Treasure Valley!!! Take it from a genuine Italian.. Buon Appetito!!
April 10, 2009
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Lisa said:

Too expencive for sysco food. I was dissapointed. I was hoping for homemade food.
March 13, 2009
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Kellie & David Gough said:

My husband and I had dinner there last month and were very impressed. Not only is the food supurb the wait staff is incredibly attentive. I hope that they can make a go of this place in our unsettled economic times. Give it a try. The prices are very reasonable and it's real food not fast food!!
Can't wait to try it tomorrow for lunch AND summer on the patio...
March 05, 2009
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Jessica Myers said:

The best food ever!!
the minute you put the three cheese pasta in your mouth, WOW, you fall in love. the friendly atmosphere and the people and the music... you feel like your in another world! to the cheesecake is what i look forward to... well that and the bread and the spread! yum-O! this is a must try restaurant. i tell everyone i know that it is the place to go... and i think the best part is that you get the time to enjoy your food your not rushed and i think that is what people are really going to LOVE about this restaurant. i say... GO TRY IT FOR YOURSELF TONIGHT! smilies/smiley.gifsmilies/grin.gifsmilies/kiss.gif you wont be disappointed
February 14, 2009
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Kimberly said:

Boise Attorney
This restaurant is fabulous! We have enjoyed 2 evenings there already and definitely plan on going back! The staff is wonderful; we got a chance to meet the wonderful owners; and the head chef is a peach! The food is elegantly presented - not too much, not too little. VERY VERY Tasty! The menu presents a wide variety of chocies for everyone and all different kinds of taste buds.
The desserts were scrumptious!!! I highly recommend an evening at Bella Aquila. I'll have to try lunch soon....smilies/grin.gif
February 02, 2009
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