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Taj Mahal

Rated 3.32 out of 5 based on 66 reviews.
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mapimage 150 North 8th St. Boise, ID 83702 208-891-5606
phone 208-891-5606
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Restaurant Description:

Taj Mahal is a Indian restaurant located in Boise, ID.

Meals Served:

  • Lunch
  • Dinner

  • Good for Groups
  • Good for Kids
Note: Please call and verify the above before making important plans.

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Anabel said:

My husband and I tried this place on New Year's Eve the first time, and we now go back often. What an excellent experience. The family owned and run place is clean, organized and friendly. I'm shocked by the above negative reviews. I've had excellent service, incredible food, and interesting conversation with the owner, Sohail who stops by the various tables to check on things. The food is all made from scratch and therefore anyone trying to rush through dinner should stop complaining and choose a place MacDonalds instead. This is by far the best Indian food I've had in Boise... we've even since tried other places, but none of them compare to the fresh and homemade delight of Taj Mahal. This place is a definite MUST!
June 19, 2012
Votes: +1

Aurbury said:

Wonderful experience
Went here last night with my husband and his parents. We planned on having a lot of time because we read the service was slow, but to our surprise it was not slow at all. We were immediately greeted and seated, drinks soon followed.

Order were taken, I had the Biryani (Chicken Tikka), husband had the Butter Chicken, let me tell you it was all good. You must try this place its a gem in this the gem state.
November 26, 2011
Votes: +3

Brian Fedigan said:

Raw Meatballs
I went to eat at this Indian place. We waited an hour for water and than finally were served. The meat was only cooked on the outside and was raw on the inside. They did not even offer to pay for our meal.
July 30, 2011
Votes: -3

microsteve40 said:

The best Indian food in Boise!
I have eaten at Taj Mahal many, many times, at their Fairview location and now at the new downtown location. I have also eaten at Boise's other Indian restaurants, but I keep coming back to Taj! The food is so fresh, made from scratch with quality ingredients. Sure, they are a bit slow, but what's wrong with a leisurely dinner with friends or family? The owner and the servers are all very friendly, so show up when you have time to enjoy a nice, relaxed meal, and that's what you'll get. If you need to eat in 15 minutes, there are plenty of fast food chains to choose from...
January 10, 2011
Votes: +4

John D. said:

Avoid this place unless you've got 6 hours to burn
This is the ONLY restautant I've EVER reviewed. We waited nearly an hour and half for our food. It wasn't just us, everyone in the joint had to repeatedly ask the staff where their food might be. Its amazing to see how long people will be polite until we have the courage to ask. What's worse? The waiter came after an hour and said "your entrees will be right out" - it was another 20 or more minutes before they came. He didn't even acknowledge the bread we were still waiting for. The only good thing I can say is that my wife and I will laugh for a long time about how ridiculous the service was. I would have been OK with it had they acknowledge or apologized, but it seemed to be the norm.
October 08, 2010
Votes: -3

SarahJo said:

Loved it!
We had dinner with the family at Taj Mahal last night. The food and ambience were great. Dishes are made from scratch and catered to each diner's reqests. All of us loved our food!
Service was friendly and timely. And we love the downtown location!
September 05, 2010
Votes: +3

sohail said:

Great comments.I really appreciate from the bottom ofmy heart. Thanks folks
January 30, 2010
Votes: +1

sohail said:

The location of Taj Mahal is Down Town, Boise. 150 N.8th St Suite #222,Boise Idaho83702. Telephone Number is 208 891 5603smilies/cheesy.gif
January 30, 2010
Votes: +1

gyujrf said:

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March 14, 2009
Votes: -2

chillin_in_boi said:

Again great food, slow service
The food at this place is absolutely incredible. The cuisine is very authentic, the decor is beautiful. The owner is fantastic and always pleasant. That being said....

The service continues to be slow. I suspect this is because the owner, often times is the only server/cashier/greeter. Add a few employees to this place and it would be a Boise treasure. Seriously, if you have some time to spare, this place is worth a visit.
August 02, 2008
Votes: +3

Max and Viera said:

Good food, service a bit slow
Food was fantastic, but the service was slow. We probably visited in a wrong time that there was no waiter/waitress except the owner himself. We would give him the credit of the one-man service to about five tables. The price was a good deal given the portion of the food.
January 06, 2008
Votes: +2

Steve said:

Absolutly awesome
The food is incredible. I've been a regular there for many years; know the owner and his wife by name. Very friendly and nice people. Service and food can't be beat!
November 28, 2007
Votes: +4

eatinboise said:

This place is Great! they do European-style service: you go for an evening, so food doesn't come the second after you order it. That's a *good* thing; the Euro style is to eat bit by bit, course by course, enjoying your company and the evening, and relishing an evening out. Go there: it's great. Just make sure you're not starving, or if you are when you get there, tell them and ask for a quick starter to tide you over. Why would you want half-cooked food reheated for you? (Hint; answer-you wouldn't--you want freshly prepared food in a relaxed environment at a leisurely pace).
September 29, 2007
Votes: +3

boisediner said:

Great food, slow service
This place has awesome Indian food. The prices are reasonable, however the service can be kind of slow.
September 07, 2007
Votes: +2

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