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Idaho Eastern European Restaurant Listings

Eastern Europe is proud of its traditional foods. Eastern European cuisine is rich and hearty, and each Eastern European countries have national dishes for travelers to enjoy. Eastern European traditional foods are one of the best parts of travel to Eastern Europe!

The cuisine of Eastern Europe is a blend of hearty peasant dishes -- groaning bowls of steaming dumplings, sauerkraut perfuming the air, beet soup striking a colorful pose -- with elegant gourmet offerings.

In both comfort food and more complex dishes, the ingredients are always simple. It's the preparation and sauces that set them apart.

Russian Bear Cafe
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This restaurant is no longer in business.
mapimage 600 S. Rivershore Ln, Eagle, ID 83616 208-939-1911
tres bonne cuisine
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6555 W. Overland Rd. Boise, ID 83709 208-658-1364

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