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Chopstick Gourmet Buffet

Rated 3.04 out of 5 based on 46 reviews.
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2275 W. Main St. Boise, ID 83702
phone 208-345-8965
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Restaurant Description:

Chopstick Gourmet Buffet is a Chinese restaurant located in Boise, ID.

Meals Served:

  • Lunch
  • Dinner
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Comments (13)add comment

beavis johansen said:

wonderful cuisine
most of the negative comments in this page are due to the fact they are going at odd times. at peak of the rush the food is full of life hot, flavorful and filling. the owner is a delightful man, as well as the staff. the young lady that cleans the tables is very polite and hard working, as well as having a killer figure......nice ambiance!!! all in all this is without question the most underrated restaurant in the valley bar none!
July 24, 2009
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Elizabeth said:

Sad to see such a nice place become just like everywhere else June 16th 2009
Our family has loved Chopstick since it opened, we went on a week night and it has been serveral months since we have been in but I was surprised that there were no other customers in the place, that shoud have been a sign and I should have listened to the warning. No one was cooking in the kitchen while we were there I saw 1 other person come from the back to fill up the little sushi plate. Everything in the buffet look like it had sat for the entire day, the salad items were room tempature and I agree with the earlier comment the crock pot of chocolate looked scarey. I'm sure every business is feeling the state of the economy but no where is it more obvious than here. The owner must be bleeding money and is cutting corners to save some.
What used to be wonderful food with a great atmosphere is now just sad and no better than any other all you can eat in the valley. Sorry to see that happen to such a great place. smilies/shocked.gif
June 17, 2009
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Felicity said:

smilies/cry.gif We have eaten here before and it was great about 2 years ago but not on a Tuesday night. I thought like the person above did, it was 5pm and I assumed that everything would be fresh. Although the service was good the food was just nasty, everything that should have been hot was room tempature, the spare ribs were like jerky and dind't taste right. Everything looked like it had sat there all day. The seafood is dangerous, I tried the crab legs and having grown up in VA Beach VA I love seafood I also know when seafood is off, I took 1 bite of my crab which was soaked in salty water and it was off, I literaly vomited in my napkin and that was it, I was done.

Some other things I'd like to point out, my son's loved going there for the chocolate fountain but it is gone instead there is a crock pot of melted chocolate? maybe, it looked like tar with oil on top and there are marshmallows on sticks that people can just dip in the vat of whatever it looked like it had been sitting there for days. Now I don't know about you but I would say that the risk of cross contamination is seriously high especialy if people are dipping whatever in that chocolate/slime.
My other issue is the pricing, I had my neices who are 11, and my 10 and 7 year old sons, when I got the ticket I had been charged for 3 adults, 1 older child and one child, when I asked the man at the register/waiter what the prices were he told me "I charge by size" he refused to provide me price list for the childrens meals and instisted that the price is always based on size. I call that a serious question of integrity. I'd have been happier with Yeng Ching and paying more for us all to have what we wanted and enjoy it because this was a dining nightmare.
June 17, 2009
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Jennifer L. said:

I love this place!
I have read all the previous comments.
And I must say I do agree AUTHENTIC chinese cuisine is not really served anywhere in the vally. However ever as far as the traditional buffet, Chopsticks for starters has the best service I have ever had. I feel they are eager to please in fact I have been in the resturant buisness for many years and I am very big on tipping"being that I have lived off them myself" however at most buffet's your lucky if you get a refill without tossing your fork at the wait staff. Not to mention most have a horrible time with communtication and speak such poor english I dont even want to ask for a thing. At Chopsticks the service is great the food although the much different in variety is far more fresh than any other buffet. I have eaten there many times and had there food deliverd always with a smile. I love this place and find it well worth an $8.00 lunch or a $10.00 dinner I mean really who ever made the comment that $8.00 is to spending?
where are you from mexico? you must be a tight wad denny's costs that much or more. northend chinese is a better value? Yeah if you want to call in sick for work for three days and live on pepto bismal.
January 18, 2009
Votes: -1

sandy said:

Wanted to try a different chinese restaurant and took my 80 yr old mom and my boyfriend there today. Loved it! There wasn't anything we didn't particularly like. My boyfriend said the brocolli beef may have been a little salty but overall we definitely had no complaints and my mom ate well. Will go again!
August 17, 2008
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Carl said:

Not as good as I was hoping for
The chopstick buffet calls itself "gourmet"...so I expected a certain level of sophistication. If red and green jello are gourmet, I guess they succeeded. Seriously, I thought the food was ok but certainly not exceptional and not worth the $8 price for lunch. The crab puffs were wonderful, but I had to fight a group of BSU guys every time they brought some out to try to get one. The hot/sour soup was just lukewarm and not spicy at all. There were lots of varieties of chicken, but they all seemed to taste like dull thigh meat (sweet/sour, General's, kabobs, etc). It was not bad but for the money there are better places in the area for less money at lunch. Try the North Side Chinese restaurant--they are not a buffet but you'll get more food than you need for lunch on their $4.99 special. It includes soup and tea along with 3 items that change daily. Much better a few blocks away on 18th & State.
July 06, 2008
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Very Dissapointed said:

Not All It Was Cracked Out To Be
Well, I was wanting to try out some new places... After extensively researching online (something I do to a point that I get annoying smilies/wink.gif) I finally found great reviews concerning this new Chinese Buffet. I Absolutely LOVE Chinese... it's in the blood. After reading several reviews I was convinced this place would be amazing. I will say this: THE SERVICE IS EXCELLENT!... The food on the other hand.... well that's another issue. We went at 4:30pm on a Tuesday, believing that the food would be fresh and it wouldn't be too busy at that time. As I said earlier, the service was amazing, we were treated very well, the gentleman behind the counter was informative, friendly, a perfect host. The area, clean, well lit, well laid out. The setup of the food was wonderful and the kitchen right there out in the open is an amazing touch. The food all looked delicious, clean and appetizing. After taking several plates of different selection we went back to our table and we proceeded to "dig in"... now here is where the problems began. In a word the food was, "salty" The beef and broccoli was so salty it was inedible and the snow crab legs where..... well, lets just say I would definitely not recommend the seafood. I am an avid fan of sweet and sour dishes, the selection was good and if matched right; certain sweet and sour dishes went well with certain salty dishes. Although by themselves they were overpowering. Finally, it is a custom that we order tea with any meal at any oriental location. This tea was not satisfactory, lukewarm and not strong enough.
In summary: The location is new and exciting... and all the way up to the meal; completely worth it. I will say that this Buffet has been able to do one thing that no other Buffet has ever done for me... I'm still hungry.
May 20, 2008
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Skeptical said:

I think these reviews are written by insiders.
I do enjoy chopsitck buffet, bit I do have to say that some of the above reviews seem a little fishy to me. I think the owners and employees contributed. I'm not saying anything bad about the food. It is good...at least better than average when comparing to other similar places in the treasure valley. The do keep the food very fresh and overall good flavors. But I don't know that it is any different than every other chinese buffet. The bottom line is that it is truly impossible to get AUTHENTIC chinese cuisine in Boise. Most people here don't even realize what authentic chinese food really tastes like. But for what it is, and taking into account its competitors, Chopstick offers good quality food at a good price.
May 16, 2008
Votes: +1

Idaho Ohana said:

Buffet Master
Discovered this restaurant while driving down mainstreet and thought we would give it a try. I did recall sampling their dishes at last years taste of Idaho and looked forward to seeing their selection. We were not disappointed. From the service to the food, everything was excellent. The host greeted us with enthusiasm and was there to answer any questions we had. Our server always made sure our drinks were filled and finished plates were taken away hastly. The food, was very just delicious. From the Dragon roll sushi to the tempura vegtables. It was a totally different expierence from your normal chinese buffet. We also were able to order house specials off of their menu board with portions large enough to feed 3 or 4 people. The price, at $10 a person, you can't beat it. Especially being one of the few buffets in Boise with snow crab legs at this price. Highly recommended for those with big eyes and big tummies. We practically rolled out of their.
May 12, 2008
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Tim and Virginia Arnold said:

Business owner
Feb.22,08 We just returned home from trying your restaurant for the first time and it was the best chinese food we have had in the treasure valley!!! I like how the food is always being prepared in front of you! Your cooks are so nice and friendly by suggesting different foods to try, by the time we were in our car and pulling out we had already called two of our kids to tell them how great it was!!! Thank You for running such a great place, we are so excited to come back!! Loved the chocolate fountain.
February 22, 2008
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KL said:

This is the best Chinese food in the valley. The quality is amazing, the price is low, the atmosphere is clean and friendly. If you are familiar with very good quality Chinese food, you must visit this restaurant!
January 22, 2008
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Meals said:

Best Chinese In Town!
December 30, 2007
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Bob and Robin Young said:

Independent Food Critics
Presentation is good and charming. We agree with the Boise Weekly when they say, "...Veering from traditional buffets, where the food is prepped in hiding and served in abundance, Chopsticks Buffet is gourmet. Hence, the name. The restaurant features an open kitchen, which allows diners to browse fresh offerings while watching how the cooks prepare them. Goodbye gut-bomb, hello freshness." We like the fact that the menu changes and we are not subject to the same foods every time we go.
The menu is buffet style. Finish what you take, then go back for more. There is a wide variety of food including seafood, chicken, beef, pasta, a wonderful salad bar and a dessert bar with a chocolate fountain. The white fish was very good. It was a pleasure to find curried chicken on the menu - somewhat spicy, but not excessive. Green mussels were excellent and so were the stuffed mushrooms. The fried shrimp were over cooked and dry. The Walnut Chicken was excellent. The menu changes, so these items may not be available when you go. But don't let that stop you.
Rated 4-Stars for the quality of the food. Take family and friends here. Well worth the trip.
December 30, 2007
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