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Idaho Basque Restaurant Listings

Basque cuisine refers to the typical dishes and ingredients of the cuisine of the Basque people of Spain and France. These include meats and fish grilled over hot coals, marmitako and lamb stews, cod, bean dishes of Tolosa, paprikas from Lekeitio, pintxos (the Basque equivalent of tapas) of Donostia, sheep's-milk cheeses from Idiazabal, the wine Txakoli and the Gipuzkoan cider.

Basque cuisine is influenced by the abundance of produce from the sea on one side and the fertile Ebro valley on the other. The mountainous nature of the Basque Country has led to a difference between coastal cuisine dominated by fish and seafood, and inland cuisine with fresh and cured meats, many vegetables and legumes, and freshwater fish and salt cod.

The French and Spanish influence is strong also, with a noted difference between the cuisine of either side of the modern border; even iconic Basque dishes and products, such as txakoli from the South, or Gâteau Basque (Biskotx) and Jambon de Bayonne from the North, are rarely seen on the other side.

Basques have also been quick to absorb new ingredients and techniques from new settlers and from their own trade and exploration links. Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal created a chocolate and confectionery industry in Bayonne still well-known today, and part of a wider confectionery and pastry tradition across the Basque Country. Basques embraced the potato and the capsicum, used in hams, sausages and recipes, with pepper festivals around the area, notably Ezpeleta and Puente la Reina.

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Epi's a Basque Restaurant
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1115 N Main St. Meridian, ID 83642 208-884-0142
Gernika Basque Pub & Eatery
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202 S. Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID 83702 2208-344-2175
Leku Ona Fine Basque Dining and Spirits
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117 S 6th St, Boise, ID 83702 208-345-6665

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