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Texas Roadhouse

Rated 3.91 out of 5 based on 54 reviews.
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3801 E Fairview Ave. Meridian, ID 83642 208-887-9401
phone 208-887-9401
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Restaurant Description:

Texas Roadhouse is a Barbecue restaurant located in Meridian, ID.

Meals Served:

  • Lunch
  • Dinner

  • Good for Groups
  • Good for Kids
Note: Please call and verify the above before making important plans.

Comments (15)add comment

Bill Fleming said:

I have never had a bad steak!!!
I usually don't order steak at restaurants because most of the time they are overcooked, or poor grade of meat. I have always had a perfectly cooked steak at the Meridian restaurant.
Good service.
December 15, 2011
Votes: +0

JW Olson said:

Best BBQ Steakhouse in town
To those who are complaining. If it is not the best, why is it ALWAYS the busiest?

Mountaingirl...you have got to be kidding!!! 100% of those that I have talked to LOVE the bread.

earl latta...perhaps if you understood flag etiquette then you would not complain about perfectly legit flag display.

And as for the rest....Great BBQ and EXCELLENT 16 oz Ribeye, and ALWAYS great service.
September 02, 2011
Votes: +0

Val Killman said:

Texas Flag and American Flag
In Texas the flags are commonly flown at the same height. Any state may do so if proper respect is shown to the American flag.

November 02, 2010
Votes: +2

mountaingirl said:

First Visit
This place successfully revives a 1960's bar/grill with the old time decor and 'not so clean' atmosphere. The bread was mediocre. I ordered the chicken tender strips. The breading was very bland and I had to ask the server for a sauce to dip them in! Who ever heard of chicken strips without a sauce ??? Not a good meal for me. My son had a steak which I tasted and it was good. Husband had a hamburger and that he said it was "ok".
My husband also noted all the girls (we had a male server) running around doing nothing with dirty hair in scruffy ponytails.
All in all I could have been back in 1969 in a backwoods Ore./Ida. grill with so so food and in need of a good cleaning. (heaven forbid if they turned up the lights-just like the old bars with red flocked wallpaper!).
I might go back again but not for the food; just to go back in time. The beer also was in a tiny mug which might have been barely 8 ounces.(That is NOT like the old days when a mug was A MUG. Not a juice glass! Salad was fresh and the dressing was good. Didn't know the sweet potato was going to have marshmallows on top! The menu didn't say anything about it. This place needs a good manager and a good housekeeper. Why its so popular is beyond me.
August 03, 2010
Votes: -4

earl latta said:

Flag of Texas is fine to fly but it is the same height as the US flag should be flown at lower height for flag rules. Do that and I will come to your resturant.
May 25, 2010
Votes: -4

John said:

Why is it that people with children are seated near people without kids? Why not have couples without children seated on the other side of Texas Roadhouse. I wish more places would do that.
August 18, 2009
Votes: -1

Mark said:

Very good, inexpensive steak house. Not great BBQ.
We go here for steak or pork chops or chicken, and the food is very good. The wait to get in is usually very long. The BBQ ribs, however, are the same as Chili's, Tony Romas, and other places that slather them with tomato BBQ sauce and cook them until they fall off the bone. This is not slow smoked pit BBQ. Enjoy this great steakhouse for what it is.
January 26, 2009
Votes: -1

Boards&Bass said:

Always busy but always good
It takes forever to get seated and the waiting areas are uncomfortable. It's so loud inside that it's hard to have a conversation. The beer selection is a joke, and the mixed drinks are tiny. BUT it's still a great place! The food and service are always awesome. Best rolls ever! Fair prices.
July 24, 2008
Votes: +1

Kelly K said:

I've eaten here quite a few times and each time I go the more disappoited I am. Like other people have said it's always noisy and usually has a long wait but also I can't stand all the snobby young girls at the front of the resteraunt standing aroung doing nothing but giggling and gossiping. It's really annoying almost like being in high school again. The food is good especially the ribs, the best I've ever had except the last few times I've gone they are burnt to a crisp, even when I clearly ask them to not be burnt they inevitably are. Now I'm starting to wonder if I ever want to go back.
July 13, 2008
Votes: -2

jack l said:

Best Steak in Boise
Three words...16 ounce Ribeye
July 11, 2008
Votes: +0

Bob said:

I don't get it...I had to wait 45 minutes and all i got was ditzy hostesses, noisy atmosphere and a mediocre steak. Not even close to the great experience I had at Ruby River Steakhouse.
April 12, 2008
Votes: -2

Ramsey said:

Very Good, with the focus on the steak. Thick juicy steak, which means, I could care less about everything else as long as the steak is good.
April 06, 2008
Votes: +1

Amanda said:

Don't go for special occasions. Or in Big Groups!
I've dined here since they opened and all of my friends have worked there some still do. Same experience everytime. Great rolls with cinnamon butter. The only problem is the wait. They have a waiting list and you can't call ahead. We've usually waited up to two hours for our seats if you have a party of 8 or more. The manager was very nice and gave us free appetizers cause we were starving by that point and he had to split our party up because they don't have enough seating for big parties. We even had someone come an hour earlier to put us on the list and it still took 2 hours for us to be seated and we were the only one's left in the waiting area. Along with it was my graduation celebration. So they kinda killed the moment. Some how we always want to eat there but end up suffering the long wait time with out big parties of 8. It's happened more than once. But if you are a party of 5 or less it is usually a 30 minute wait time but go on week days when it's slower and they won't forget about you! The food is the best though! Can't beat there chicken critters and sauted mushrooms!
December 27, 2007
Votes: +1

don said:

5 star family fav
great service great food what else do you need
November 05, 2007
Votes: +1

Ribbage said:

Best ribs in Boise
No question here!
August 25, 2007
Votes: +1

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