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Ruby River Steakhouse (closed)

Rated 3.81 out of 5 based on 62 reviews.
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7825 W. Spectrum St, Boise, ID 83709

*** Ruby River is no longer in business ***

phone 208-321-0656
Business Hours Please Call
Website Website

Visiting Ruby River Steak House, you`ll find a fine dining steakhouse that focuses its culinary expertise on an American fare with influences from San Francisco to San Antonio.

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John L. said:

A place I will try again and again
I drove byt his palce many a times and finally decided to try it out.. I was amazed the food looked like I would think it would look if it was on a picture.. PERFECT!!! and the server was great too, really this place has their "shit" together, don't just take my word for it go in and see for your self....smilies/cheesy.gif
May 01, 2009
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Miles said:

Had a wonderful time enjoyed everything
I had heard of this place from a friend. Suprised that I got more than I expected. Worth every cent!!! The server told me about a new menu roll out coming really soon I can't wait to go back and try some of the new things this place does to keep it new and exciting. The service was amazing and great steaks, this place has it all going on. Had drinks, laughs, perfect food, and service to boot... You would be crazy not to try and experience this for yourself... Go see the crew at Ruby River you'll be tellin your friends like I amsmilies/grin.gif
April 16, 2009
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Jessica said:

Went in late, totally suprised
I was out late last night and ran across this restaurant, the rest of the party I was with tried saying that they were closing and we should go some place else. Cause they believed that we would not get good service when a place is closing. I have to admit that it was the best time I have ever had eating out... Our server Adam who was the only one left said it was no big deal and that he would take good care of us, and he did that in fact... Everything was perfectly timed and we didn't feel rushed at all. The food was perfect, and tasted wonderful. Everyone was suprised that we got more than expected for that late at night. This is most defenatly my new place to go and eat, the server even gave us a card ( like a business card) and told us to come see him again which was a free appitizer the next time I go in... Can't wait til we all go out again and have a blast here!!! smilies/smiley.gif Thanks again R. R.
March 26, 2009
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Jennifer said:

I enjoyed this place very much.....
I had come onto this web site to find a new place to eat at. After reading all the comments I would have to say I am one for the positive of this restaurant, I know you can't always get the best service when I go out, but there are those times when I am really WOWed when by the server and the food. This all happened for me at the Ruby River. I like to have a guy server when i go out and suprised to find that this place had about half of it's staff to be male. Usally with females I find they are off on their phones or flurting with guys. It might be just me but male servers are what I prefer.
My server knew knowledge of the menu and didn't waste my time and knew just when to check up on me without being annoying, and he was funny and a delight to have in the experience of my dining. I will tell my friends about this place, and to those who wrote bad things remember this... You should always give a place a second chance to WOW you, but you should go in telling the people who work there that your last time was not so pleasent. I think you would be suprised at what happens, trust me...smilies/wink.gif
March 21, 2009
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Scott B said:

There are a lot of good comments here and a few bad ones. The food and the service must be spotty, because I agree with the dissenters.
We went there once with a group of 6. There were a couple people that thought it was OK, but the general consensus was that it was lousy. I had a ribeye and it was the worst steak that I can remember having.
March 06, 2009
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Tracy W. said:

Finally a place to enjoy myself
Was going to go to another steakhouse when we came apon Ruby River, so wanting to try something new we went there instead of our usall place to eat, and I have to say I have found a new place for our family to enjoy our nights out. The service was amazing, and the food was go tasteful I could not believe it. The server explained it was due to the point how the keep the meat in the cooler all the time to the point when they prepare it for us, and how most places bring it out to room temps to cut, measure, and rap it. It really does makes a difference!!!! Thanks again Ruby employees I will be in again real soon. Love you guys and what ya got going on there, keep up the good worksmilies/wink.gif
March 05, 2009
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Brian said:

Bad Steak Experience
We ate at Ruby's when it first opened and had a terrible experience. The servie was fine, but our steaks were full if grissle. They were cooked to our liking, but the meat itself was very poor quality. Had to ask the Manager to cover our check and we left hungry. Haven't gone back since. Probaly will give it one more try, however the mixed reviews here casue me great concern. There appears to be a trend of inconsistency which is a sign of problems at a restaurant.
January 30, 2009
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Calvin said:

Found my new best place to eat when I come into Boise
I was in town for a week and was stayin in the hotel next to Ruby River. After my first visit to the bar where Kelly the bartender served me I was finding myself in there everyday. I even came in right as they were closing thinking I was probally going to get average service I was quite suprised. Adam who was one of the last servers took really great care of me giving me a wonderfully prepared to go order. Even sitting down and having a little chit chat while I waited. I will most likey be back when I am on a business trip again. Thanks to the whole staff working there. Anyone living in Boise is lucky to have a great place to go to all the time... Thanks agian Ruby River!!!!!
October 10, 2008
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figmentofyourimagination said:

Best steak I've ever had.
After a long day of driving from Salem Oregon Ruby River suddenly appeared. I'm not a big red meat eater but OMG after that steak I'm going to start having more. My husband and I are planning a trip to Tucson in Nov. and we will make sure our route includes a Ruby River steakhouse!

September 05, 2008
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Veronica Rizundo said:

This steakhouse is simply amazing! I have eaten there too many times to count and everytime gets better and better. The food, atmosphere, and lovely staff all complement a wonderful evening out. The prime rib is to die for; tender, juicy, and jam packed full of flavor! Another favorite is the grilled tiger prawns. A little on the expensive side, but well worth it! You get a ton of food, and the quality is outstanding. Our servers are always bright, cheery and engaging. When you first walk in, all you see is smiling faces! The hostess' couldn't be nicer and they make the first impression a great one. Overall, we have never had any problems with the food or service. Would recommend to anyone, young to old!! smilies/cheesy.gif
September 01, 2008
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Dave said:

Boise has always had good resturantes , but now we finally have a great one
August 03, 2008
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Kathie said:

Worst Meal in Boise
This was the worst meal I have had since I moved to Boise in 2001! smilies/cry.gif
July 22, 2008
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Dennis said:

My new Favorite place !!!!!
I had to find a new restuarant to replace the other favorite that closed down a little ways back. I found this one when going out to a movie with my wife. I was blowen away from the moment I walked in the door. First a light sprinkle from a water mist system on the patio on this hot day got mind feeling like a steakhouse should. EXCITED AND HUNGRY!! A very nice Host holding open the door with a smile on her face. Then my server Adam who actually "thanks" us for coming in and tring the restaurant for the first time. I have never had a server thank me for tring their restaurant. Then Adam's knowledge of everything really made the experience memorable. He even made a tinfoil swan for my wife's small portion of left overs. Just when I thought things couldn't be nicer the manager Sean came up to our table and talked for a few minutes. Which is another thing you almost never see unless there was a problem at the table. With great staff members as Adam I can see why Sean could visit tables without worries. Thank you guys at Ruby River I will be back for sure to try those desserts I was to full to try last time I was there
June 28, 2008
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Gloria said:

First experience a good one
We had steak sandwiches, both kinds were good. Good service. We had an excellent Margarita sale. I loved the shredded horseraddish! I'd like to go back and try it again.
June 26, 2008
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Jennifer said:

Best French Dip in Town
Hubby and I have eaten at Ruby River three times and chose different meals each time. The steaks were very good and the server honestly checked to ensure the steaks were properly done and tender. The Fish and Chips were very good, thick fillet, moist, and mild. I now know where I will go when I'm craving an excellent French Dip; the meat was lean, tender, and abundant flavor. My mouth's watering thinking about it again. smilies/grin.gif
June 07, 2008
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Robby said:

Great Spot
I don't know what restaurant the previous poster went to--sounds like he owns stock in Goodwood.

Ruby River is one of my favorite steakhouses. We have the 12 oz New York every time, can't be beat!
May 19, 2008
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MIKE J. said:

Ruby River is a filth storm and is incredibly icky. The steak was laden with butter and grease and the seasonings smelled like vomit. Go to Goodwood BBQ instead. They have better prime rib and steak that won't cause heart failure.
May 02, 2008
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Fly Fisherman said:

Great Steakhouse
This place is in a COMPLETELY different league than Outback. All of my groups steaks were A and the price was very reasonable. Great bar as well.

I wish they would plan a little more Willie Nelson and Johnnie Cash though....
April 19, 2008
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Woody said:

I have eaten at Ruby River before and have always had a great steak. I usually go for the 16 oz. New York but last night I tried the filet, "oscar style". WOW! If I had not been in public I would have licked my plate clean. Our server Adam was awesome and I was thrilled to find a bartender who could make a really good manhattan. This is definitely the place to go if you want a great steak.
April 12, 2008
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garber said:

Best steak housee ever, loved the people that worked there. the steak was awesome.
i will go back often smilies/smiley.gif
April 10, 2008
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