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Buffalo Wild Wings

Rated 4.24 out of 5 based on 67 reviews.
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3223 E. Louise Dr., Meridian, ID 83642 208-288-5485
phone 208-288-5485
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Restaurant Description:

Buffalo Wild Wings is an American restaurant located in Meridian, ID.

Meals Served:

  • Lunch
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Hunter B. said:

Worst service I have ever had at a restaurant.
The title says it all.
I have been to BBW's twice and both times I was in my party was given terrible service.

The first time I got an entire trey of wings spilled on me... they just said sorry and then went about there business. They even had us clean up the table. Nothing was comped even though my $45 shirts was completely ruined.

The second time our server was almost non-existant. We saw our waiter maybe twice not to mention she was slightly rude. Its strange that she also felt like she should sit at our table while we order... I'm sorry but you are not my pal. To top things off I was charged for dipping sauces. Every other restaurant I have been to will give you sauces for free. If they feel the need to charge for sauces they should either:

a) make a burger that is sizable and not a significant portion of fries (especially for $10)
b) At least tell you that they will charge for the sauce.

Next time friends want to go to a sports bar I am going to recommend cheerleaders.
October 23, 2012
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Mike said:

Bronco's game was a blast at B-Dubs!
Went to Buffalo Wild Wings last night for the first Boise Bronco game. It was packed and the place was a giant party! The food was great and the service was excellent even when the place was super busy. The energy in the place was off the charts and this is my new place to watch Bronco games. WOW!!smilies/smiley.gif
September 04, 2009
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Jesse said:

hot wing challenge
I love food contests so I had to try BBW's hot wing contest. You must eat 12 of their hottest wings in 6 minutes with no drink or napkin use. Complete it and you get your picture on the wall and a t-shirt.

I did it in 5 min 9 second. Let me tell you those wings still hurt 3 days later. They are just covered with habanero peppers and other spices.

The other wings we tried, we preferred the boneless (hot wing contest is bone-in). The parmesian garlic wings were my favorites.

Good selection of beers too.

Lots of televisions, this is the place to go for sports if you dont want to pay 75 dollars for it at home. If your going for a UFC fight get there hrs early, the place is guaranteed to be packed. I made the mistake of only going an hr early last week and didnt get in (no seats even outside)

My one complaint is the service. Its just awful. Ive eaten there 4 times and everytime the service was really really bad. It always feels like your bothering the server if you ask for another beer. You will go an hr between seeing your server so make sure to order everything you want at once.

Overall, great wings but lousy service.
August 15, 2009
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Ron said:

Love the boneless wings
I go there almost every Thursday with my friends and enjoy the boneless wing special. Great place to watch sports and enjoy some great food and cold beer. The staff is always friendly and make you feel at home. I can't get enough of the spicy garlic sauce...it is soooo good!
August 14, 2009
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Jim said:

Will Never Go Back
Service was not that good the waitress had no clue as to what kind of Ribs they serve and she asked a 58 year old female for I.D. when she ordered a drink,

Did not think there wings were that good and when my wife ordered the Pulled Pork sandwich with Coleslaw she was told it would be extra.

Then they charge extra for a little cup of ranch dressing.

Everything is extra

Wont go back and the food was just average
August 10, 2009
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Teri said:

My Baby loves Wings!
I'm 7 months pregnant and I love going to BWW's after work. It's cheap, convenient and I love the atmosphere, not to mention I get cravings for the wings almost everyday. The service is quick and friendly, and everyone seems to be laughing and having a great time. One of the best places to eat and hang out with friends and family in Meridian.
June 29, 2009
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luna said:

UFC fights at Buffalo Wild Wings
I'm a regular at Buffalo Wild Wing and I always go to the UFC fights there. They don't charge a cover and they have like 50 TV's. The food is great and the service is good and this place is a lot of fun! It is the best place in town to see any sporting event.
May 23, 2009
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Kristi said:

Best Patio
I love the patio! This is the place to be when the weather is nice (heaters even when it's not nice).
May 06, 2009
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Krystal said:

I love Buffalo Wild Wings
I go to Buffalo Wild Wings a couple of times a month and just love the place. Great atmosphere, excellent boneless wings and great service. I like that they have a full bar so I can enjoy the margaritas! The empolyees are so nice and make you feel welcome.
May 01, 2009
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Brian said:

Enjoy the wings and sports at Buffalo Wild Wings
I go to Buffalo Wild Wings almost every Tuesday and enjoy the 45 cent wings and some cold beer. I always receive great service and the people who work there are very friendly. I think they have the best bartenders in town.
April 30, 2009
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Zelda said:

Went a few weeks ago and the service was poor and food was blah! It escapes me why a restaurant would stoop so low as to serve salads in plastic bowls. Tacky! smilies/shocked.gif
April 29, 2009
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Mark said:

Best Sports Bar
Buffalo Wild Wings is the best sports bar in town. They have all the games - my satellite doesn't have CBS, but at BWW, I can see the NCAA games from any seat in the place. The wings are great and the beer is cold.
April 06, 2009
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Frank said:

Awesome time at BDUBS
Went to see the NCAA basketball games at Buffalo Wild Wings and had a great time! Service was great and the wings were awesome! This has to be the best sports bar in town. Tons of TV's and very cold beer. Good place to bring the family. Can't wait to go back again.smilies/cheesy.gif
April 01, 2009
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Tom Baxter said:

Sports and Wing luver!!
Well I must say i was suprised to find a new hangout in Meridian amongst the fairly many. I have visited B-Dubs in a few locations around the country when traveling. This one has definitely been my favorite and am glad it is in my home town. The service has been top notch in all my visits---kudo's to Sarah and Major to just name a couple. I do not like luke warm beer so my glass is never empty and the beer is always cold---talk about a variety of beers. Tough to make a decision since they have many of my favs. It is great to see this new location where the food is quick and good--(especially if you like wings and different choices of sauce---the Buffalitos are also fantastic). The service is very friendly and also fun which you do not see in most locations any more. Tons of TV's to pick from any type of sports or games you want to watch along with a manager that comes by and asks "how ya doing Tom"? Thank you for coming to Meridian---i have found a new home!!! Hey---When is the patio going to open with the live band i hear you will be having on some nites??? smilies/cheesy.gif
April 01, 2009
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traveling wing man said:

I've eaten in buffalo Wild Wings all over the country! The one in Boise is by far the best!!!! Great looking staff, a million TV's, and of course the best wings in the country! I travel mainly in the Midwest and eat at B-dubs 2x a week and Boise is best! No question! Great people making great food! Thanks!
March 31, 2009
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Jason Lupo said:

Best Sports Bar in the Valley (In my perspective)
I told myself after going to Buffalo Wild Wings the first two times I would never go back! The wait was absoultely terrible and our server did nothing but what it felt like ignore our table. The manager discounted our bill after we complained and I was completely embarssed for the new company. In my home town in Minnesota they have a buffalo wild wings and it is the best sports bar around. My friends asked me to meet them there after work to watch the NCAA tournament games. Completely unexcited I went. We sat at the bar and the experience was great! Food came out prompt and the two bartenders working at the time Heidi and Joe were more than polite. We stayed there for two hours and I was so satisfied I felt like writing a email after being so mad the first two experiences. I really am glad I was proved wrong and will most definately be in again!! Thanks again !

Jason Lupo
American Family Insurance
March 30, 2009
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Fun Place to Hang Out said:

NCAA games
Went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the NCAA games. Very impressed! We tried the wings and potato wedges. Both were very hot and flavorful. Our server was very friendly and helpful - she suggested sauce that wasn't too hot but still a little spicy. No trouble with slow service as others have suggested even though it was very busy. We will definitely go back!
March 26, 2009
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Disappointed patron said:

I could have waited my own table...
I can't begin to express how terrible the service was at BWW's. Our group of five received similar service to Madeline's: around 15 servers, but ours didn't seem to want to help us. Each time we would ask for something, she would disappear, and we wouldn't see her again for an hour--and emptyhanded at that! We only saw our server three times in the three hours we were there. We received more attention from the busboy!

I have worked in food service for many years, so I always tip above and beyond what is expected. This time, we walked out, leaving our money on the table ---- and no tip. Maybe if the servers spent less time standing in a circle at the front talking to one another, they could have something going for them. Unfortunately, if they don't get their act together, they'll be gone in under a year. inattentive the servers were at BWW's.
March 16, 2009
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Amy said:

Great food - Great Service
We have been several times and have been pleased by the young, fun wait staff. Had no trouble ordering, or getting drinks. I went to try the wings, but on other visits I've had the wraps and the flat bread pizza. Both are delicious. Also loved the fried mushroom appetizer. Comes with a great southwest sauce!
February 24, 2009
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Brad said:

Just another chain
We went to BWW this last weekend to catch some sports and we were not impressed! The layout of the restuarant is horrible. There are very few boths and too many tables. We were constantly being bumped by servers or other diners. The music was the worst ever. Not only was it a confused variety of 90's & current Pop, but they also had it so loud that it was distorting as it came through the speakers. We had to shout at each other just to be heard. The food was nothing special and the drink prices were ridiculous considering they are in the burbs. Our group of 8 has no reason to go back - at the rate they are going they should be out of business in 1 year.
February 23, 2009
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