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Rated 3.69 out of 5 based on 155 reviews.
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mapimage 276 Bobwhite Court, Boise, ID 83706 (on the lake @ Parkcenter) 208-338-5000
phone 208-338-5000
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Restaurant Description:

Upscale Latin American Restaurant in Boise. Read a full review of Barbocoa here.

Meals Served:

  • Lunch
  • Dinner

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  • Reservation (Accepted / Recommended)
  • Parking (Private Lot)
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Damon Dickson said:

Boise Flavor meets fresh menu ideas
Have had some of these dishes with guest and everyone agrees it is a place you want to be at in Boise at least once a month.
August 08, 2012
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Wayne Bright said:

For all of you who have posted on this thread regarding Barbacoa ~ we've been Officially re-opened since Jan 1, 2011 and I invite all of you to come back and STIMULATE YOUR SENSES AND ELEVATE YOUR MINDS because there is nothing Else! For those of you who "critical" comments to post before, I encourage you also to take a deeper step into the world of Barbacoa 2 and let your Imagination run wild ... Contact me personally on Facebook .. Wayne Bright
April 24, 2011
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Wayne Bright said:

For all of you who have posted on this thread regarding Barbacoa ~ we've been Officially re-opened since Jan 1, 2011 and I invite all of you to come back and STIMULATE YOUR SENSES AND ELEVATE YOUR MINDS because there is nothing Else! For those of you who "critical" comments to post before, I encourage you also to take a deeper step into the world of Barbacoa 2 and let your Imagination run wild ... Contact me personally on Facebook .. Wayne Bright
April 24, 2011
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FoodSalesWest said:

Closed / Burned
This operation burned up over a year ago
July 13, 2010
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Akeisha said:

The food was great the amosphere rocked and the service was wonderful. I wish that place didn't burn downsmilies/tongue.gif
February 19, 2010
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blueonetoo said:

Out of Business
Barbacoa burned down on 1/2/10. They are in the process of rebuilding. Sad...it was my favorite Boise restaurant.
January 07, 2010
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Teri said:

small business owner
heard alot about this place, as the new, latest, and greatest place to check out. so my husband and i went for dinner. Overall the place is pretty cool. great to take guests for a 'happening' evening out. but the food did not live up to the buzz. the presentations are great and fun. but our food lacked finesse. i could tell the recipes were created by someone who knew what they were doing, and you could see the potential for exciting, and new delicious ideas and concepts on the menu, had it been executed correctly. it was like the chef was not in the house, and line cooks were in the kitchen, and of course just lacked the creators touch. my schrimp was extremely over cooked, my husbands ahi was like a poorly carved lump of fish on a plate. although i will say our appetizer was good, as was the soup. so I think we will try it again.
December 31, 2009
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Ray said:

The food was great and not terribly priced. The atmosphere was o.k. but very loud. We had to yell to have a conversation. Maybe it was like this every Friday night but it was frustrating. The service was good but I think in their attempt to have a sophisticated feel, they have waiters and servers that have such a heavy foreign accent that I couldn't understand them. I won't go back but for the experience, it was o.k.
November 16, 2008
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Stef said:

The service was good ,but the food came slow,and it was pretty bad. The waiter was hot. LOL smilies/grin.gif. The decor and setting were fantastic. Its a great place to go to just chill. The menu prices were o.k. smilies/smiley.gif . Its very classy. A must go place smilies/cheesy.gif
November 08, 2008
Votes: -1

mrboi said:

No complaints from me. Made reservations for Saturday night. Got here, received prompt service. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was very sophisticated. The staff was friendly and attentive.

Highly recommended.
October 28, 2008
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barbacoa patron said:

I've been to Barbacoa about 20 + times now, beginning since they very first opened. I have NEVER been dissapointed.....EVER. I always take out of town guests there and any of my friends for their birthdays. It's always memorable, from the greeting at the entry all the way to the dessert and "the damage" at the end. Robert, the owner, always makes a point of stopping by our table to say hi and ask how the food is. The sparkling water is fresh and fun, the tableside guac is to die for, (ask for Michael) the chef Enrique is so innovative and a master at his craft. The food is amazing. ALWAYS! The decor is original and unique. It's fun to just sit there and drink those amazing ice-tinis made by Anthony and look around at the light fixtures and artwork everywhere. The best ambience in Boise. Candles galore. Just beautiful! You'll love it, I promise. The best part is our server Tiffany, if we are lucky enough to get her. We request her but sometimes her section is full. You will want for nothing the entire time you are there, regardless of how busy she is, she'll make you feel like you are her top priority. She is by far the best server in Boise, and I've lived here all my life and been to just about every restaurant in the Treasure Valley. Try the patio. Overlooking Parkcenter Pond, it's romantic and you can see Table Rock. After dusk, the fish are jumping and couples are on the walking path. We went there for our anniversary and it was just about as close to perfect as you can get. Keep up the good work Barbacoa. You are appreciated by the majority of your patrons. And Red Robin is great, but it's a whole different genre. If you are looking for a delicious burger then Red Robin is your place. But if you are looking for a unique, non-corporate atmoshpher and a different, delectable menu, give Barbacoa a try.
July 25, 2008
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sandy said:

this place was sssooo amazing. i live in New York city and there is no other place better! smilies/grin.gif the service was exceptional. the whole family works there too.. their daughter is a waitress (so cute) and along with the mother who i thought was 20 but is really 45! (she looks young in a very classy way) robert (main owner) greets everyone, and their son is bus boy! (their like a big happy family). the food was so good. and prices were not bad at all (i thought a little cheap compared to new york)

5 stars!!!!!!
July 14, 2008
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John S said:

Cool Restaurant
Great atmosphere as was the food & service. My wife and I sat on the patio very pleasent Sat night, and was served a very good waitress by the name of Tiffany. She never left us wanting for anything, and she thinks HD VRODS are cool, big +. Seriously though it was a good meal, with Tiffany telling us about everything else like a real pro. We got out of there with only spending a very modest amount and we were too full for desert. I highly recomend Barbacoa and suggest the bad reviewers give em another try, and get off their hi horses.
July 07, 2008
Votes: -1

Brian said:

Good experience overall
I was really hesitant about eating here after reading all of the negative reviews. However, I had already made a reservation for 10 to celebrate a birthday and didn't want to rearrange the whole thing. So, we went, and I can tell you that we had a great experience. I could tell that they had been listening to feedback on their weaknesses in all areas. The food was excellent and served up hot in artistic form. The atmosphere was excellent in terms of interior decoration but the place was noisy. This is not their fault but just a function of building design. I personally feel the prices and quality were on par with other higher priced restaurants in the area. As for "Mac and Cheese" even being mentioned in association with a fine restaurant,...oh please, that is soooo Redneck! I agree with the other poster, go elsewhere (to put it nicely).
May 29, 2008
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Mandy O'Brien said:

I love this place, from the moment we walked into the door we were treated like we were the only people in the restraunt.. We had constant service,GREAT service,amazing delicious food, tantalizing drinks. I absolutley love this place. I would fly to Boise for the afternoon or evening just for another dinning experience. smilies/grin.gif. I had a friend in Boise at the same time and recomended Barbacoa to them and they were just as pleased and had a great experience also.
For all the people who posted on here and did not have a positive experience I hope you give it another try. I certainly will.
May 26, 2008
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restaurant critic said:

i have never been to such a great resturant! this is my favorite place to go. the food was great and the service was even better. the place is the coolest place i have ever been to in my whole life!
April 15, 2008
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GIN said:

Bad experience (twice)
I went for dinner with friends. Interesting atmosphere and concept, taste was fine but my food was served cold. Sounds like a common problem judging from this board. Went back for lunch just to make sure. Was disappointed again. I would say I won't go back just on that basis. Nothing to do with the price other than when you do pay for 'high end', you want your food served hot, or at least warm.
April 10, 2008
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idaho guy said:

Went with friends (my suggestion) and had a horrible time, my fault. The food was LAME at best, as was the "service". The only thing that amazed us was the cost for such over hyped food & decor. I've been in the restaurant biz for many many years working in truly fine dining houses...this place is all about smoke & mirrors. Wake up Boise, don't get taken like we and so many others have. I really shouldn't complain, I read the other comments and didn't believe them...MY FAULT!
April 08, 2008
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Ian M said:

No complaints here.
I've been to Barbacoa about 7 times now and have found their food to be excellent everytime I've gone. I've had the "when pigs fly" pork chop, filet mignon, ahi, and porterhouse to name a few and they were all cooked as I ordered and served with delicious side dishes. The mac and cheese is great. Wine list is outstanding as well. Staff is always friendly and willing to help as well. I've never had any problems.
March 25, 2008
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Yeah, I thought it stunk too... said:

I was beginning to feel I was the only one
Service was HORRIBLE, there were flys EVERYWHERE, the food was WAY too spicey (with no warning label on the menu) OR way too bland (sheesh, if it's not one way it's the other)!

We were comped desserts for all of our trouble and the selection was so borderline pretentious and completely unrealistic for desserts that I ended up getting the most simple (fruit and cheese) and bringing it into work to share with coworkers.

I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not impressed. YES, I can afford to eat anywhere in town and NO, I don't plan to eat HERE again. You people who claim you like the place are SHEEP. Give me QUALITY over POPULARITY any day. Try ONO, the new place from Kannak Attack - they ROCK. Food quality, quantity and price are all OUT OF THIS WORLD! smilies/tongue.gif
March 03, 2008
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