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mapimage 1666 S. Entertainment Way. Boise, ID 83709 208-208-246-8639

L.M Florenzen - Idahoeats contributing writer

With it’s rustic looking architecture, cozy décor and carnivore-heavy menu Fuddruckers brings another location to life in The Treasure Valley.

Upon entering the Meridian location (at N. Eagle Rd. & Ustick), one could see there was a bevy of activity behind every counter, from cashiering to cooking; you get an idea the food might be interesting. The burgers are cooked to order, served open-faced with a nearby bar extensively packed full of fresh fixins from hot cheese sauce, onions, peppers and the usual suspects (tomatoes, pickles, mustard, and ketchup) one can make a burger as bland or grand as they wish.

Sitting down to the 1/3 lb., burger cooked medium-well, nothing was out-of the ordinary, as the meat was done, but not juicy or exceptionally flavorful. What made up for it was the overly-seasoned amply cut fries, which after eating a few, complimented the burgers slight blandness, but after about six or so, made you want to quit eating salt all-together.

Digging into the Over-stuffed potato (about $2.50) I found a small spud, jam packed with plump green-onion, cheese, crunchy bacon bits, and a dollop of sour-cream sitting on lettuce leaves which in its entirety was so savory, it left me wishing I had eaten it first. For those with a sweet-tooth, Fuddruckers has a section of the restaurant dedicated to serving sinful scoops of ice-cream, and fresh-baked cookies to your liking.

Though not a new concept by any means, Fuddruckers popularity is increasing (over 50 restaurants Nationwide and growing) with its, quick food preparation, and delivery of family-friendly fare. Overall, I found the food satisfying and the atmosphere amusing.


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